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Repair and Maintenance of Construction Lifts

Lifting machines requires periodic maintenance for always being in working condition. These measures can prevent premature wear of components and parts of machinery, which in turn extends the use of lifting equipment and provides safety and security in its operation. During maintenance in the MAXXIM Company a range of regulation works, lubrication of parts, etc. are performed.

But even timely maintenance cannot guarantee that the lift will not be broken. In this case, special equipment needs a repair. During the repair a set of measures to correct any faultiness and to recover the equipment are carrying out.

At current repairs all works that are included in the list of maintenance activities are performing and minor damages are eliminating.

The MAXXIM Company offers services in maintenance and repairing of various types of lifts. All works are been doing by a specialized team of specialists. A serious practical experience and a high qualification of our specialists can detect the fault and repair it as quickly as possible.

The scope of work in each case is individual. It depends on the condition of the lift and the measures to be taken to restore its full functionality.

The lift repaired by TD MXIMOV’s specialists, will serve you for many years!