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At the height of modern technology

The list of works that people are holding today at a height is quite large. This is not only installation and repair work, but also modern cleaning, when the facades and windows of buildings are in order. Just as before, there has always been and remains the task of raising cargo to a certain height in the sphere of construction, production or trade.

Still yesterday's story

Towers, scaffolding, ladders, stairs, etc. - as soon as the workers did not leave the situation several decades ago. What you can do today in half an hour using, for example, scissor lift to buy which we offer in our company, took, without exaggeration, long hours.

But the time spent - it's not so terrible, considering the task from the point of view of safety! Today's machines save time and protect the lives of people who work in high-altitude jobs.

Buying or renting? 

In our days, there is no shortage of both the technology itself and spare parts for lifts , there is a choice.

If the technique has to be used constantly, then it makes sense to purchase it in your own park. If you do not have enough budget, you can buy a lift bu " in excellent condition . With careful use, you will significantly extend the service life, especially since it is not difficult to buy spare parts for lifts from manufacturers today.

Renting will be more cost-effective, for example, if a scissor lift is expensive to buy, but it is not often required. Costs for maintenance and maintenance in this case will not be included in the cost.

So, everything depends on the frequency of using the technique. And what specifically to undertake - buy a lift bu, new equipment or just rent - decide basically, the financial capabilities of the customer. The main thing in another is that modern lifts, regardless of their configuration, save time, effort, comfort and safety of the operator, employee, and the machinery itself.

Modern application of lifts

The advantage of using lifts is that for any task you can pick up a technique with ideally suited characteristics. Lifts work productively, without creating much noise, they do not need huge areas and a large amount of fuel, and such lifts, as self-propelled, can quickly move from object to object. The scope of application is extensive, and the lifts allow you to quickly solve the problem of lifting goods or people quickly and safely.

Mounting and dismounting:

  • Lighting systems
  • Advertising designs;
  • Air conditioning and other engineering systems.

Repair and warming:

  • Sealing inter-panel seams
  • Work on the insulation of balconies, loggias and walls
  • Repair at high altitude.


  • Pruning trees
  • Washing facades and windows.

And also use in a wide variety of economic spheres where heavy lifting is required or any work performed at altitude.