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Hydraulic lifts for a scissor-type warehouse

Large companies, whose daily activities are connected with the lifting of goods or specialists to a certain height, has a different type of lifting equipment in its park and in sufficient quantity . Today, basically, this is a powerful self-propelled technique with a high level of safety. Economically, this is justified if it is used with maximum efficiency. However, given its narrow focus, it is often more profitable rent self-propelled lifts in Moscow . This type of service is in demand due to its optimality.

Hoist in the warehouse

Today, this technique is not just an assistant in the warehouse, but also a means to increase the productivity of workers and accelerate processing of goods for different purposes. And if you are uncomfortable and already lack of manual stackers, if you are planning to expand warehouses to multi-tier storage, it's time to think about buying or renting a more serious and convenient technique.

Modern production of warehouse lifting equipment today offers a variety of design solutions that allow you to perform lifting tasks for cargoes or specialists to perform work for warehouses of different floors and floors And architecture in general. From heavy mine and cantilever cargo lifts to compact self-propelled scissor lifts. The latter are the most common.

Benefits that you can not dispute 

Scissor lifts favorably differ from the rest, if we consider their use in warehouses and institutions such as supermarkets. Moreover, it is always possible to save on buying, because today it is available to all elevator rental hourly .

Scissor lifts:

  • Mobile
  • Are compact;
  • Reliable;
  • Safe;
  • Easy to manage.

These devices are capable of lifting loads up to 2 tons at a height of up to 25 meters, while having very small overall dimensions, especially when the lifting scissor The mechanism is in the folded state. Their maneuverability in a limited space makes them the best in the class of lifting equipment for such conditions. This is the best option for closed, and even crowded, rooms, because it operates at the expense of an almost noiseless electric motor.

The efficient organization of any production process is rarely without the use of technology. Warehouse work is no exception. Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize costs by renting this equipment. In this way, you will expand capabilities and increase productivity and work safety.